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Boise Holiday Parade

posted Nov 4, 2018, 7:16 PM by Cubmaster Pack 92   [ updated Nov 16, 2018, 7:22 AM ]

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Pack 92 Families come be in the Boise Holiday Parade!!!

Rain, Snow, or Blow..we still go!!

We will have Cub Scout Packs from all over Ore-Ida Council with their Pack Flags and Banners showing off all our Scout Spirit.  Decorated floats/trailers to accompany our Cub Scouts.  We look forward to see everyone Saturday, Nov.17th, as we kick off the holiday season with an outstanding parade!  

Pack 92 together with more Packs in the Boise Holiday Parade
  • Saturday - 11/17/18
  • 9:15am Scouts meet and organize in staging area at 12th and Bannock
  • 8:15am Parent volunteers meet downtown Boise to finalize floats/trailers
Parade information:
  • Scouts in Class A uniform if you have one and encouraged to wear "Santa Hats"
  • Parents with uniforms please wear them
  • Scouts bring one bag of candy - to be handed out during the parade
  • If Scout wants to walk in a Derby Car costume during the parade, then the Scout and parent need to make a costume and decorate it together.
  • Dress for the weather, it will be cold in the shade
  • Families will have to park a distance away from the starting line, so please factor that into the time it takes to arrive at the staging area
  • No getting off and on floats during the parade.
  • No Throwing Candy or Items from floats or while walking.

Layout of Cub Scout “parade”

  1. There will be (2) Leaders/Parents in uniform walking along side the group of flags/banners.
  2. There will be (4) Leaders/parents in uniform pulling (4) candy wagons along side "group of walking Scouts".
  3. There will be (4) Leaders/Parents walking along side the floats.
  4. There will be (2) Leaders/Parents on each of the floats.
  5. There will be (1) Leader/Parent driving each of the trucks.
  6. Any other Leaders/Parents should be behind the floats or if needed to help control the Scouts mingled among them.
  7. US Flag (P92) and ID State Flag (P41 has) out front w/(2) Scouts each.
  8. Packs without banners follow with their Pack flags w/(2) Scouts each
  9. Packs with banners follow w/(2-3) Scouts each
  10. All other walking Scouts here - also handing out candy to crowds 
  11. (4) candy wagons w/Leader pulling, two towards each side
  12. Derby Car Float - additional Scouts dressed up as walking “Derby Cars”
    • Scouts can make a cardboard derby car costume to wear during parade
  13. Camping Float w/Christmas Tree, tent, fake fire, camp chairs/hay bales.
  14. Extra parents following the Camping Float

Parade Layout 2018

More information or to volunteer contact:
Brian Skinner
208-859-9468 cell