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Klondike 2018

posted Dec 29, 2017, 6:26 PM by Cubmaster Pack 92   [ updated Jan 18, 2018, 8:35 PM ]

    Klondike 2018 is quickly approaching.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our Webelo boys for a number of reasons, not least of which is building teamwork as a quasi-patrol unit.  Pack 92 has attended the Klondike's Saturday activities for the last 4 years with great success in the boys coming together completing numerous stations like: smooshboarding, making a fire and cooking a pancake, compass orientation, knot tying, homemade sled races, and many more.  2017 had 4+ feet of snow on the ground!!  It is a fun time for all that attend; boys having fun and learning in the snow while the parents see their young scout growing with others.  
    Webelo 1 and 2 Dens can practice the Klondike events and work on team building January 7th, 2018 at Den Leader Stephanie Glass's home.  Scouts participating in the Klondike will be given some skills to go over and learn during the 1/22 Den meetings.

    *Pack 92 has only one "sled" for Klondike currently.  With the number of Scouts signed up we will need to divide up into (2) patrols and will need another "sled" made by some Scouts/parents.  If you can help out with the building of a sled please contact Brian Skinner.  

Date: 2/3/18  (we are only attending Saturday's activities-no overnight camping)

Time: Arrive by 8am

Caravan: Leaving Hillsdale Elementary 6am sharp

Location: Jones Ranch – Donnelly, Idaho – Directions => Head North through Donnelly and turn right on Paddy Flat Road. Cross Farm to Market Road and continue on Paddy flat road for 1/4 mile. Gate and site will be visible to left of road on north side of paddy flat road.

Cost: Pack 92 pays the registration for adults/scouts attending
*lunch provided, but please bring some type of mess kit to eat with

RSVP:  Brian Skinner  

*Pack 92 will register with Council everyone that has signed up*
If you and your Scout aren't able to attend, the Pack will need to be reimbursed for the registration
*Klondike practice session - 1/7/18  1-3pm  13133 Bravo Pl. Kuna, ID 

Link to the Council's Klondike information:

Webelo parents allowed/encouraged to walk along with their Scouts/Patrol during Klondike.  Webelos are allowed some assistance from parents during the Klondike.  This is a learning experience for our Scouts and we want to make it a success for them.  

Klondike 2018 Station list:
1 Surface Vehicle
 Sled inspection

2 Planetary Bearings
 Fast Compass  6-8 stakes

3 Ultraviolet Overload
 Blindfolded Strecher Carry     2 long poles

4 Force Push
 Distance Estimation     rangefinder or other means of measuring distance to target

5 Alien Artifact Transport
  Travois Wood Carry     3 wood poles, assorted firewood chunks

6 Nebulus Conundrum
  Knots    knot rack

7 Lair of the Ice Spiders
Spiderweb escape   2 long poles, large spool of twine/rope

8 Phaser Practice
 Snowball throw     target

9 Ice Pit
 Ice Rescue

10 Radiation Station
 Tepee Build    5-8 long poles

11 Celestial Navigation
 Constellation recognition   Star charts

12 Thermal Activation 1
 Fire Building     2 fire pans

13  Thermal Activation 2
  Fire Building   2 fire pans

14  Rocket Ignition
 Camp Stove  water, hot cocoa mix

Questions please contact:
Den Leader Stephanie Glass
Committee Chair Brian Skinner