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Klondike 2019

posted Jan 2, 2019, 12:28 PM by Cubmaster Pack 92   [ updated Jan 17, 2019, 5:18 PM ]

    Klondike 2018 is quickly approaching.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our Webelo Scouts, for a number of reasons, not least of which is building teamwork as a quasi-patrol unit.  Pack 92 has attended the Klondike's Saturday activities for the last 5 years with great success in the Scouts coming together completing numerous stations like: smooshboarding, making a fire and cooking a pancake, compass orientation, knot tying, homemade sled races, and many more.  It is a fun time for all that attend; Scouts having fun and learning in the snow while the parents see their young Scout growing with others.  
    Webelo 1 and 2 Dens can practice the Klondike events and work on team building January 19, 2019 at 2pm-4pm at Brian Finnegan's home.  4255 S Mitman Way, Meridian ID 83642.  Scouts participating in the Klondike will be given some skills to go over and learn during the January Den meetings.

Date: 2/9/18  (we are only attending Saturday's activities-no overnight camping)

Time: Arrive for check-in at Klondike by 8am

Caravan: Leaving Hillsdale Elementary 6am sharp

Location: Kelly's Whitewater Park in Cascade, ID

Cost: Pack 92 pays the registration for adults/scouts attending
*lunch provided by Klondike, but please bring some type of mess kit to eat with

RSVP:  Brian Skinner 

*Pack 92 will register with Council everyone that has signed up*
If you and your Scout aren't able to attend, the Pack will need to be reimbursed for the registration
*Klondike practice session - January 19th  (time TBD)

Link to the Council's Klondike information:

Webelo parents allowed/encouraged to walk along with their Scouts/Patrol during Klondike.  Webelos are allowed some assistance from parents during the Klondike.  This is a learning experience for our Scouts and we want to make it a success for them.  

Klondike 2019 Station list:
1. Sled Inspection (Required) Scouts use sleds of their own making. Those without a unit-made sled may bring a store bought one for station events, but the sled race requires a unit-made sled. 
2. Ice Rescue Patrol serves as rescuers to a victim who has broken through the ice. Using rope and a weight, tie multiple rope segments together with at least three of the basic knots: Square Knot, Sheet Bend and Bowline. 
3. Rescue Flag Raise Using Round Lashings, construct a flag pole from 4 poles or staves (provided). Attach the patrol flag and raise the pole. The pole does not need to stand by itself. 
4. First Aid Treat medical situations such as a broken arm, collarbone and leg; frostbite; hypothermia; cuts; head injuries and lack of breathing. 
5. Search and Rescue Answer survival questions and demonstrate skills for what to do if lost. Tasks include creating ground-to-air signaling symbols using your own equipment to signal rescuers. 
6. Blindfolded Stretcher Carry Build an emergency stretcher using two 6-foot staves/poles and a blanket. Blindfolded Scouts carry another Scout (not blindfolded) on the stretcher through a course with direction from the Scout on the stretcher. 
7. Emergency Shelter Construct an Emergency shelter to protect at least 2 members of your Patrol from a storm. 
8. Compass Bearing Provide the bearing of a designated object, navigate around an object, and orient a map. 
Map Symbols Identify symbols on a topographical map, and identify compass elements. 
Questions please contact your Den Leader