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Pack 92 Meeting Place Change for 2017

posted Dec 1, 2016, 9:02 PM by Cubmaster Pack 92   [ updated Jan 23, 2017, 6:18 AM ]
Pack 92 Families,

    Our Pack has been steadily growing over the last 2-3 years; from 20+ boys to currently 55+ boys in Pack 92.  Lake Hazel Elementary has been a great facility to meet over the years and working with Principal Logan to try and squeeze more room for meeting has been effective, but even she inquired if Pack 92 is outgrowing LHE.  Unfortunately or fortunately, however you want to look at things, with ever more activities and more families joining we have hit a point of outgrowing Lake Hazel Elementary.  The areas available to the Pack at L.H.E. have been hard to come by and the Committee has been looking at other options.  The Committee wants to stay affiliated with an Elementary School and Hillsdale Elementary School looks to be the best option.  We have met with Principal Khristie Bair at Hillsdale Elementary and took a tour of the school looking at what Hillsdale can offer in reference to meeting space for Pack 92.  Here are some bullet points of that meeting:
  • The teachers at Hillsdale are hired with the knowledge that their classrooms could be used after hours for other activities; example YMCA uses. (we would not be using any of the actual teachers classrooms - there are plenty of other open rooms available)
  • There is currently being built a YMCA, directly attached to Hillsdale Elementary that could offer other activities for the Pack to have fun with.
  • There were bonds for a new Library and a multi-use pool facility that were going to be attached to Hillsdale/YMCA in the last election that failed.  The City and County are working on other ways to fund these projects.  If these two other additions are built in the future it would add more options for the Pack to learn and experience new things.
  • Meeting space for Dens - 1. The gym/cafeteria is twice as big as LHE with tables in the walls.  2. The stage attached to the gym can be used in the future in certain circumstances (has a movable wall enclosing the area and a Den can meet in the "stage" area).  3. The "common" area has 20-30 built in wooden bleachers with an open area to work.  4. The Library upstairs is available with tables after all other areas are used.  5. Open classrooms upstairs next to the Library are available to use (4-5 large tables with chairs).  6&7. Downstairs next to the offices there are two open classrooms available for use in the future (preschool is currently using these and the lower hallway for storage).
  • Hillsdale has a tremendous area for our A/V system that we are allowed to use with the proper instruction.  From the 20-30 built in wooden bleachers you can view a 20'+ wide roll down screen to watch videos on.  The audio system/speakers are controlled by an IPAD on the wall that we can link our phones to for use as a microphone when speaking during meetings/awards.  
  • We asked the Principal if the Pack is able to spend overnight for a "indoor camp out" and she said we were able to. Overnight was not available at Lake Hazel Elementary.
  • With this being a new school Pack 92 would have to start a new organized clean up routine after our meetings.  I would suggest having 3-4 parents (covers when a few are gone) in charge of this to make sure we are good stewards of this facility.  The parents don't have to do all the cleaning, but organize the Dens to do the cleaning and make sure we leave the facility better than we arrived.  
We are really pushing the limits of meeting space at LHE and for all the Dens to have successful meetings; the committee believes moving to Hillsdale will be beneficial.  We know this is going to be a big change for Pack 92 and are optimistic that Hillsdale will continue to make Pack 92 one of the best Packs in the District.

Pack 92 is planning on starting to meet at Hillsdale Elem. Jan. 9th (the first Monday school is open in 2017).  

Hillsdale Elementary School
5225 S. Stockenham Way 
Meridian, Id 83642 
*Typing in the address on Google Maps for Hillsdale takes you to S. Stockenham Pl. which is incorrect.  The streets around the school must not be in Google Maps yet.  The school is S.E. of Eagle Rd/Amity Rd on Stockenham Way and basically attached to Rockhampton Subdivision.  

*Directions from Round-A-Bout at Eagle/Amity: Go south on Eagle Rd. - Turn Left/East on E. Taconic Dr. into Century Farm Subdivision - Follow Taconic Dr. to dead end and turn Left on S. Stockenham Way (you can see the school and will run into it)   

Google Map Link for Hillsdale Elementary: (copy and paste in address bar),-116.3460624,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x278e9537c5cbee13!8m2!3d43.5574559!4d-116.3460624

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or call.
Pack 92 Committee Chair 
Brian Skinner
859-9468  cell

*We are planning on having a meeting with the principal of Hillsdale Elementary on Thursday Dec. 8th for parents/leaders to take a look at the school before we start meeting there.  Confirmed Time is 5:15pm Thursday.