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Five (5) BIG changes to the Trails End Popcorn Sales
  1. Every Scout MUST have an account set up.  Trails End prizes are distributed through the Scouts popcorn account. *details on how to set up account below*
  2. All Trails End prizes are now Amazon Gift Cards loaded onto your Scouts account.
  3. ALL online sales are FREE SHIPPING.
  4. Scouts/Parents must download the Trails End App.  "Take Orders" are made easier with using the Trails End App to record your Scouts orders and not on paper order forms.
  5. Scouts can use the Square Card Reader through the App to record credit card sales.  Pack 92 has 50+ credit card scanners to loan out for Scouts to use.  

Pack 92 families,

At Monday's September 9th Den meetings we will have a short information meeting for all parents and scouts about our Popcorn Fundraiser Program this year. There will be raffle prizes for Cub Scouts in attendance.  We will also be talking about the Show-N-Sell events to be held at Fred Meyer's stores as well as a few other opportunities for our Scouts to reach their goals. It is our largest fundraising event of the year and helps support Pack 92 events and programs for the boys. Keeping dues affordable is important to the pack’s leadership, and we are confident that the benefits each Scout receives from Cub Scout Pack 92 far exceed the cost.  Please do your best to help the Pack!

Sign Up sheets for Show-n-Sells will be available at the Sept. 9th & 16th meeting for 2hr blocks from 10am-6pm. There are plenty of time slots available for all Scouts to participate so please sign up. The Dates and Associated Locations are on the Website calendar.

We look forward to a great year! Thank you for helping our Pack Grow!

Scouts start selling popcorn online - RIGHT NOW
- NEW FOR 2019!!  Free shipping for all online orders.
- Online sales are a big push for 2019.  Leadership did not want Scouts to spend excessive amount of time at store fronts and is encouraging Online Sales.
- Create or already have an online Popcorn account by September 16th for Pack 92 RC Car  drawing.
- Families don't have to ship or deal with money for online orders.  Trails End takes care of everything. 
- Here is a link to the Trails End site to start/update your Scouts online account and for friends/family to order from:
- Contact Brian Skinner if you already have an account and can't remember your Scouts specific "Scout Code" for online accounts.  


1.Create your Scouts account on Trails End's website: www.trails-end.com 
Click on the RED register button in the middle of page / Click on the "Parent, of behalf of my Scout" button / Fill out Parent info / Fill out Scout info / Create Log-In / Unit Selection:
 *Council=Ore-Ida / District=Oregon Trail / Unit details=Pack 92

2.On your Scouts dashboard click under the Scout Code and fill out all the information.  Go to "Manage Page" to add information/pics to send out to friends/family.  

3.Share your Scouts personal web-page via email or social media to (10+) friends and family.  

4.View and track your online sales towards your goal

*Example of what information on Scouts Dashboard should look like*
Image preview


Monday, 9/9, 7 pm

Popcorn Kick-Off at Pack Meeting

Pick up order forms & sale information & raffle off prizes

Show-n-Sell Dates*pay attention to which F.M. location Scout signed up for*

Saturday, 9/21, 10am - 6pm

Fred Meyer at 1850 E. Fairview Ave.  Meridian, ID

Saturday, 9/21, 10am - 6pmFred Meyer at 5 Mile/Overland  Boise, ID

Sunday, 9/22, 10am - 6pm

Fred Meyer at 1850 E. Fairview Ave.  Meridian, ID

Sunday, 9/22, 10am - 6pmFred Meyer at 5 Mile/Overland  Boise, ID

Saturday, 9/28, 10am - 6pm

Fred Meyer at 1850 E. Fairview Ave.  Meridian, ID

Saturday, 9/28, 10am - 6pm

Fred Meyer at 5 Mile/Overland  Boise, ID

Sunday, 9/29, 10am - 6pmFred Meyer at 1850 E. Fairview Ave.  Meridian, ID

Sunday, 9/29, 10am - 6pm

Fred Meyer at 5 Mile/Overland  Boise, ID

Saturday, 10/5, 10am - 6pm Fred Meyer at 1850 E. Fairview Ave.  Meridian, ID
Saturday, 10/5, 10am - 6pm Fred Meyer at 5 Mile/Overland  Boise, ID
Saturday, 10/5, 10am - 6pm Fred Meyer at 1850 E. Fairview Ave.  Meridian, ID
Saturday, 10/5, 10am - 6pm Fred Meyer at 5 Mile/Overland  Boise, ID
 Important Dates for Popcorn 
 October 28th; MondayTake Order Forms Are Due
 November 23rd; SaturdayTake Orders Distributed By Scouts


Selling popcorn teaches the Scouts valuable life skills such as setting goals and working to achieve them, handling money, how to present oneself and how to deal with rejection. 

In addition, popcorn pays for your Scout's Scouting program. Less than half of your total $93 in dues pays for the annual cost of Scouting in Pack 92; popcorn pays for the rest. If your Scout sells $400 worth of fundraising and receives a $50 reduction in dues, then none of the remainder of your dues goes to Pack 92.  What is left after your $50 reduction is for $33 to national registration and $10 to F.O.S.  That is why Popcorn Sales Fundraiser is so important to Pack 92 keeping the costs of our program way down for the amount of crazy activities we do and the Pack pays for.


  • Direct Sales/Door-to-Door — Scouts can use their Trails End App or take their order form to neighbors, family and friends and ask them if they want to support Scouts. All money is collected from customers at the time of sale; popcorn will be available for delivery to customers no later than November 23rd.  Credit Card scanners are available to families to use.
  • Group Selling Events — Sell popcorn with other Scouts at public places. See above for more information. All popcorn is provided by the Pack and sold to customers during the event.
  • Order at Work — Have family members take your Scout’s order form to work and sell to their co-workers.
  • Online Sales — family and friends out of town can order popcorn online via www.trails-end.com. See above for detailed information on setting up a personalized selling page.


  • Scouts should wear their Class A uniform (blue/khaki shirt, neckerchief, etc.) or Lion Uniform.
  • Bring a few pens and cash to make change (especially $5s and $10s — many products are $10 or $15).
  • Sell with a friend. Consider pairing an older/more experienced Scout with a younger Scout.
  • Don’t send your Scout out alone to sell popcorn.
  • Don’t sell after dark.
  • NEVER go into someone’s home.
  • Parents/Adult always go with Scout when selling.
  • Always walk on driveways and sidewalks.
  • Sell Scouting over popcorn.  People normally want to donate to Cub Scouts and this way they can receive popcorn as a thank you.
  • Check made payable to Pack 92


Your Scout should practice their sales pitch ahead of time, including what to do if someone says no. A successful Popcorn Sales Pitch is:

“Hi, my name is Ted and I’m selling popcorn to raise money for my Cub Scout Pack. Would you like to buy some popcorn and help us?” or even stronger, “You’ll help us out, won’t you?”

"Hi, my name is Betty and would you be interested in supporting Scouts?  We sell popcorn so I can attend Day Camp and our Pinewood Derby."

If the answer is yes, give the customer the order form. If the answer is no, say, “Thank you for your time,” and move on. If someone doesn’t want to purchase popcorn, you can ask if they’d like to make a donation to send popcorn to the military overseas; you can then pool any cash donations into military popcorn donations. 


Money is collected from customers at the time of sale. If Scouts do not collect payment at time of sale, then parents are responsible for payment if customer does not follow through.  We accept cash and credit card and checks — all checks should be made payable to “Pack 92”.

Money is collected from customers at the time of sale.  We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.  Checks made out to Pack 92.


We have organized several opportunities for Scouts to sell popcorn with other Scouts at public places. You must sign up in advance during the Sept. 9th & 16th meetings or email Brian Skinner.  All sales for the entire day, not just the time slot your Scout sells, are divided equally among all Scouts who participated that day.  You'll get an email detailing your Scout's share of the sales within a few days after their sale day and this will count toward the Scouts sales goals and prize levels. To keep things fair, Scouts can sign up for multiple time slots, but if other Scouts can't obtain one time slot, then Scouts with multiple slots will have that number reduced.

Key Facts about Group Selling Events

  • Scouts wear their Class A uniform (blue/khaki shirt, neckerchief, etc.) or Lion Uniform.
  • All popcorn, cash for change, etc. will be provided by the Pack — all you need to do is show up!
  • Parents remain at the event with their children and help out.


Popcorn rewards/prizes are provided by Trail’s End Popcorn and Pack 92. All Scouts who sell at least one item receive a prize. Trails End has gone to Amazon Gift Cards for rewards/prize.  This way Scouts can order what they would like with their Amazon Gift Card.  Additional rewards from Pack 92 are shown below. All prizes are given out in November.

Fundraiser Sales

Additional Pack Rewards

Sell $200Receive a para-cord bracelet from Pack 92
*total Scout fundraising sales*

Sell $400

$50 off annual Pack Dues *total Scout fundraising sales*

Sell $600Receive a survival water bottle from Pack 92
*total Scout fundraising sales*
Sell $1,000Smash a pie in a leaders face.....gently please
*total of Scout fundraising sales*

Sell $1,500

Receive (4) tickets to Wahooz ($80)

*total of Scout fundraising sales*

Sell $2,000(2) Movie Passes and (1) year of Pack dues paid
     Sell $2,500Eligible to join the Trails End Scholarship Program

#3 Top-selling Scout in Pack

Be third place in selling the most total fundraising and receive (2) movie passes.
*this is total of Scout fundraising sales*

#2 Top-selling Scout in Pack

Be second place in selling the most total fundraising and receive $40 to the Gem Shop

*this is total of Scout fundraising sales*

#1 Top-selling 
Scout in Pack
Be TOP SELLER of most total fundraising in Pack 92 an receive $60 to Nerfed
*this is total of Scout fundraising sales*

Reach Pack Goal

Pack 92 has a party for all Scout families - location TBD

Any questions please feel free to contact:
Brian Skinner  208-859-9468  cell  or   firmech@msn.com

*Thank you for helping your Scout and your Pack 92.  We can assure you that every penny we raise will be reinvested in your Scouts and the Scouting experience of all the Scouts in Pack 92.