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In Cub Scout packs, Akela is a symbol of wisdom, authority, and leadership. Akela is anyone who acts as a leader to the Scout. Akela can be a Cubmaster, Den Leader, Teacher or Parent depending on where the guidance takes place. In den meetings, it is the Den Leader who is Akela. During pack meetings it is the Cubmaster. At home, the parents fill this role.

Below is a list of Akela who make Pack 92 great for the scouts.  Please contact any of us if you have questions or comments.
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Committee Chair Entire Pack Brian Skinner 208-859-9468 
CUBMASTER Entire Pack Tim Harris 208-827-0762 
Cubmaster Email Entire Pack Cubmaster Email  2-1 
Assistant Cubmaster Entire Pack Josh Tomayer 208-995-6855 2-2 
Asst. Cubmaster / Recruiting Entire Pack Aimee Hovan 208-841-1079 2-3 
Assistant Cubmaster Entire Pack Sterling Bostwick  208-794-5995 2-4 
Bobcat Leader Entire Pack Dee Skinner 253-227-0690 2-5 
Lion Coordinator Lions Den Open   2-6 
Lion Den Leader Lion Den Open   
Lion Assistant Den Leader Lion Den Den Parent   3-1 
Tiger Den Leader Tiger Den Brad Childers   
Tiger Assistant Den Leader Tiger Den Open   4-2 
Wolf Den Leader Wolf Den Amanda Jensen 208-891-4722 
Wolf Assistant Den Leader Wolf Den Kelle Swanson   5-1 
Wolf Assistant Den Leader Wolf Den Open   5-2 
Bear Den Leader Bear Den Dotty Jones   
Bear Den Assistant Den Leader Bear Den Kelle Dawson   6-1 
Bear Den Assistant Den Leader Bear Den Rachael Harkin   6-2 
Webelos 1 Den Leader Webelos 1 Den Josh Tomayer 208-995-6855 
Webelo 1 Assistant Den Leader Webelo 1 Den Steve Baudoin   7-1 
Webelo 1 Assistant Den Leader Webelo 1 Den Open   7-2 
Webelos 2 Den Leader Webelos 2 Den Tracy Skidmore 208-995-3613 
Webelo 2 Assistant Den Leader Webelo 2 Den Aimee Hovan 208-841-1079 8-1 
Webelo 2 Assistant Den Leader Webelo 2 Den Joe Depczynski  8-2 
Charter Org Representative Entire Pack Joseph Depczynski  8-3 
Treasurer Entire Pack Richard Sloan  8-4 
Assistant Treasurer Entire Pack Amanda Donkersloot   8-5 
Advancement Chair Entire Pack Carrie Carlsen   9-1 
Assistant Advancement Chair Entire Pack Chris Gantz 208-703-3656 9-2 
Committee Member Entire Pack Andrea Roderick   9-3 
Committee Member Entire Pack Jessica Leath   9-4 
Committee Member Entire Pack Riley Adams   9-6 
Committee Member Entire Pack Tracy Bower   9-7 
Committee Member Entire Pack Grandma Dee  9-8 
Committee Member Entire Pack Stacy Tangledar   9-9 
Committee Member Entire Pack Linda Conry   9-91 
Committee Member Entire Pack Open   9-92 
Committee Member Entire Pack Kelle Dawson   9-93 
Committee Member Entire Pack Brandi Smets   9-94 
Committee Member Entire Pack Jenny Wiersma   9-95 
Webmaster Entire Pack John Harkin 208-859-0604 9-96 
Showing 41 items