Adult Education / Fun Opportunities

Pack 92 Parents and Leaders

The Pack appreciates parents taking time to learn about how to make the Scouting experience better; not just for their Scout and themselves, but for all the Pack families. There are numerous ways for parents to learn more about Scouting and get involved even without any previous experience in Scouts. The Pack needs to have some Parents with certain training completed to be able to go on Camp outs or Day Outings, and to be a well organized Pack. Here are some opportunities for parents to gain some knowledge and to help out Pack 92:

Every Month: "Roundtable"

Second Thursday of each month


Online meetings during Covid-19

Contact the Mountain West Council Office to attend 208-376-4411

*At Roundtable there are many different "training" events for all parents/leaders or just come and talk to other Scouters to gain some knowledge.

Wood Badge 2021:

Adult Training that helps out in Scouting and your business/personal life


Online 2021:

"Training for Adults"

Youth Protection Link: (if you have not created an account you can do that here also)

Link for details/training:

*Surf around the BSA website for other online training courses. The more information adults/leaders know the better our Cub Scout Program is at Hillsdale

Leader Position Specific Training

Dates TBD - postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak

Time TBD

Committee Members and Cub Scout Leaders

Location TBD

BALOO Training 2021

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation

October 29-30th 2021

8:30am - 4pm

Location: At the day camp location

Contact the Mountain West Council Office to attend 208-376-4411

*On every Scout camp out there must be (1) adult with BALOO Training

Misc. Training:

Online training and on-site training

Link to more details from Council Website:

If interested in one or more of these training opportunities please contact:

Committee Chair Brian Skinner

1-208-859-9468 cell