The Lion Trail

The Lion Trail

The Lion pilot encourages Scouts to learn and explore through hands-on, high-energy activities. Adult partners take turns leading a den meeting or outing during the year. Most meetings last approximately 45 minutes to an hour; outings are slightly longer.

Scouts are recognized for their accomplishments as they work toward the Lion badge. The Lion badge is earned by completing five adventures. Adventures are completed during the den meetings and outings. When an adventure is completed, the youth receives a sticker to put in his Lion Adventure Book.

Lion’s Honor

Fun on the Run

Animal Kingdom

Mountain Lion

King of the Jungle

I’ll Do It Myself

Pick My Path

Gizmos and Gadgets

On Your Mark

Build It Up, Knock It Down

Rumble in the Jungle

Ready, Set, Grow

Den Meetings

Den meetings and outings are facilitated by a Lion guide and participating parents. The Lion guide is an experienced Cub Scout leader. He or she will lead the first den meeting of the year. The Lion guide will help each adult partner lead one of the remaining meetings. The den meeting plans are provided in the Lion Parent and Leader Guidebook.

Adult Partner

The adult partner participates with the Lion in fun meetings and outings. He or she takes turns with other adult partners in leading a den meeting and/or outing.

Lion Guide

A Lion guide is a volunteer leader who provides direct support to your Lion den.